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L'Aventura 10ml Traveler Spray


L’Aventura Perfumes is a collection of uncommon, non-binary fragrances. We build soulful, articulate scents that challenge the expected and transcend persona, gender, time, and place. Our perfumes are designed to allow space for you to inhabit – every person will enhance and transform the fragrance through their own unique chemistry into something entirely their own.

Lions In the Library

Warm, alluring and unabashedly carnal, Lions in the Library is redolent with raw honey and dark spices, richly adorned with musk and civet. This seductively animalic scent is equal parts growl and caress, balancing the smoothness of a Cognac and Grand Marnier with the roughness of a lion’s purr. The sensual warmth of the labdanum prowls stealthily between shelves laden with books, deciding where to pounce. Lions in the Library is a fragrance that promises and dares, tempts and emboldens, inviting you to a delicious tryst in the stacks. Fragrance notes: Labdanum, bitter orange, old books, cistus, cashmeran, civet


Both uplifting and grounded, Sanctuary is touching, intimate and deeply soothing. Layers of transparent woods, cade and vanilla blend to create the meditative fragrance of charred Palo Santo: a clean incense of shimmering wood balanced by soft spices and sweet resins. A portal within, or to a welcoming refuge where tendrils of white smoke rise in a light drenched room of sun-warmed wood, Sanctuarycreates a feeling of inner peace, invincible strength, and infinite calm. Fragrance notes: Palo Santo, char, amber, holy bourbon, benzoin, costus.

The Faraway

The Faraway comes from the high deserts of northern New Mexico. In this land of extremes, white sage, douglas fir, juniper and piñon are set amongst wind carved cliffs which tower over an icy river lined by shady cottonwood trees. Those who are searching for the escape of creative exile, elemental source and ancient magic will feel drawn to linger under its profound and life changing influence. Dry, earthy, bitter, yet honey sweet with aromatic herbal notes and a resinous character, The Faraway is an invitation to this enchanting and sacred land. Fragrance notes: Desert sage, juniper, salt cedar, sedge grass, warm sandstone.


Effervescent and surprisingly sensual, Cotillion invites you take moment to pause on the veranda, something cool in hand, above an impeccable expanse of lawn. Crisp linen, sparkling taffeta, orange blossoms, jasmine and carnation form a gorgeously pure and fresh accord atop a delightful grassy note. A subtle base of tobacco, moss and white musk grounds the fragrance, providing an understated sexiness. Joining the modern and traditional, Cotillion is always proper but not always well behaved. Fragrance notes: Orange blossom, jasmine, carnation, spanish moss, tobacco, clipped lawn.


Mothlight is a sweet song of the impossible and eternal passion between moth and flame. Fantasy and illusion hold court as a flickering candle beckons, throwing suggestive shadows across sheer curtains that sigh in the night air. Romantic and narcotic, Mothlight opens with soft hazy lemon fluttering above sparkling pink peppercorn to create a glimmering effect that enthralls the senses. Notes of creamy sandalwood, soft moss and shimmering musks provide a sensual base to this otherworldly pas de deux of obsession and true love.

Fragrance notes: Lemon, pink peppercorn, ambrette seed, snuffed candle, sandalwood, musks

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