our commitment

At Leolo Handmade Shoes we are committed to the intersection of humanity and sustainability. Our design concepts are informed by a deep desire to couple traditional craftsmanship and individuality.

Leanne Corcoran

Meet the Shoemaker

Leanne Corcoran has been obsessed with footwear and design since she can remember. As a youngster she spent free time thrifting for shoes, clothing, and furniture she would later redesign, often haranguing her parents to help her (re)construct her new treasures.

Leanne’s creative drive eventually led to an MFA in Painting, earning exhibits in New York and Chicago. Later she opened a small design shop in Seattle, where she currently resides. “I’ve always followed my heart over convention. Not out of rebellion, so much, but more as an intense realization that life may be a one-shot-deal so I must let my soul take the lead. I’ve wanted to design and create handmade shoes my entire life, but it somehow always seemed out of reach. Magically, a few years ago the door opened, and I ran towards it like my life depended on it.”

There is nothing I love doing more

“The process of making shoes is complex, intense, arduous, and exhilarating. With each step the stakes become higher, commanding absolute presence. There is nothing I love doing more.” — Leanne

Our handmade shoes are

— designed, created, and tailored for you... a fully bespoke process

— completely handmade

— made with Vibram soling material

— highly durable

— made from responsibly sourced vegetable tanned leather

— made with steel shanks

— hand dyed

— hand brogued (decorative perforations)

To this day, Leanne convinces her mom, Maurine Corcoran, to assist with her creations.

The art of bespoke handmade shoes has been around since the 18th century. This traditional practice involves a 220+ step process that is still used today. From altering the last (or wood form), to pattern making, to assembling the shoe, it takes roughly 40 hours of craftsmanship to create a pair of custom-made shoes.